It pays to choose your listing agent wisely. Experience, marketing programs and commission structures vary greatly from agent to agent. To make sure you don’t sell for less than you should, pay too much to sell your property, or languish on market, you should evaluate your listing options carefully.

Team Brade’s goals are to:

  • Get your home sold quickly and get you where you want to go on time
  • Help put you in the strongest negotiating position possible
  • Make it easier for you, and reduce the hassles of selling

Team Brade’s 16-Step Assessment Program

Based on experience that comes from listing / closing more than 100 properties annually, we counsel our sellers so they can make the best decisions for marketing and selling their property. Team Brade employs 16 steps to help you confidently reach a decision on listing your home. This program takes a unique and powerful look at market data, factors your specific timing and financial needs, and thoroughly assesses your property from every angle.

Team Brade’s 32-Services Marketing Plan

An aggressive and market-proven program, Team Brade’s 32-Services Marketing Plan helps you sell your home quickly and yield the highest net proceeds. Service options include property staging, professional and aerial photography, virtual home tour, property inspections, power-internet package, and more.

Contact Us for a listing interview and to learn more about how our proven techniques can help you.